Rector of Baturaja University Opens National Seminar

Study program of language, Indonesian Literature, and  regional, University of Baturaja ((Monday, October 29, 2018)) Holds national seminar on the  topic “Learning language and literature in facing the curriculum as a character maker and nationalism attitudes. This program is held  in the hall of BIL hotel Baturaja. It’s opened formally by rector of Baturaja University. In his opening speech, Dr. Bambang Sulistyo, M.Pd. thanks to the speakers and all of the committee for holding this program. Beside that, he said that we must be able to care on the development of sciences and technology of information as the academic society. For the problem, we should be able to participate actively in developing the technology of information, he said. In connecting with this, the Dean of FKIP, Darningwati, M.Pd. also said many thanks to all committees for holding this national seminar program. Furtherly, She hopes this program will support the creativity of lecturer and students to write scientific papers.

The chairman of committee, M.Doni Sanjaya, M.Pd. confirmed by the head of public relation of Baturaja University, Awalludin, M.Pd. reported that this program invites Prof. Dr. Nurhayati, M.Pd., from University of Sriwijaya and Dr. Bambang Sulistyo, M.Pd., rector of Baturaja University as the main speakers, and 17 presenters: Uum Gatot Karyanto, M.Pd. (teacher of SMA negeri 3 OKU), Netari, M.Pd. (lecturer of akmi Baturaja), Lili Suherma Yati, S.S., M.A. (from the office of tourism and culture OKU), and 14 lecturers of Baturaja University. The participants consist of 179 students and 49 graduates of Baturaja University.

This opening program is followed by rector, vice rector 1, dean of FKIP, dean of FE, vice dean I and II FKIP,  head of LPPM,  and all committees. (By Awalludin).

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